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Benefits of Ko Am Mu Do Training


For Kids:

Ko Am Mu-Do (traditional Tae Kwon Do) has a  proven program specifically for children. This program is designed to increase a child's self-confidence, poise, self-esteem, body coordination, and self-defense. As a child accomplishes new goals, his or her confidence level increases along with self-esteem leading to better grades as a student in school. They grow as an individual because they progress at their own pace and not in comparison to others. Every student of martial arts is a winner, not a "bench sitter". Martial arts classes include training in kicks, punches, blocks, self-defense combinations; all which improves reaction, balance and control. They work with each other and learn communication skills, courtesy and how to cooperate. Ko Am Mu-Do martial arts is for all types of children, including yours.

For Teens:

The teenage years can be the most important period in a person's life. Ko Am Mu Do (traditional Tae Kwon Do) martial arts classes has a special curriculum (which includes the program for "Kids") to educate teenage students by giving them a dream and a goal. It also teaches the ability to solve the problems while being independent leading to an overall stronger, leader-like character. This program also helps them to avoid bad situations encompassing smoking, drugs and violence with team training. During these years, every part of them is growing and they need exercise and physical training which makes their mind and body strong and healthy.

For Adults (Men and Women):

Ko Am Mu-Do (traditional Tae Kwon Do) martial arts training naturally develops and maintains the bodys 14 channels (primary meridians) of Ki (chi) energy in the human body.  Ki training promotes internal health and balance which is the true measure of one health. Our cardio workout program is designed to tone and enhance the body, improve flexibility, balance and stamina.

Through the learning and understanding the 365 vital (chi) points, initiating the Ko Am Mu Do self-defense program will be instant and effective. The self-defense program includes: escapes, and defense against grabs, holds and training with different weapons. Our weapons program teaches the use of many kinds of weapons. Benefits from such training include toning of specific muscles, improved conditioning, a clearer, more coordinated mind and body, and the release of stress.


Special Training Seminar


Ko Am Mu Do Special Activities:

Ko Am Mu-Do members look forward to their special activities and events that signify we are more than just another martial arts school. Activities and events continue to be a big part of Ko Am Mu-Do training (Active & Imaginative Training). Special events benefit the students by building up and increasing their confidence, courage, cooperation and judgments.

Special activities are intended to broaden the students involvement with their community, family and friends. Activities include Friends Day, Movie Days, Appreciation Days, Parents Days, Holiday Parties, National and International competitions and etc.

Promotion Tests:

Promotion tests are offered monthly or bi-monthly having a minimum number of required classes before a student is ready for testing. A promotion test is an opportunity for the student to demonstrate to themselves their improvement mentally and physically. It helps to set short term and long term goals leading to an increase in self-confidence and esteem.


Demonstrations are an excellent venue for the student to realize what they have learned as they show others techniques and mind control. Events include Charity Demonstrations, Annual In-House Demonstrations, Invitational Demonstrations and etc.

Activity Camp:

Activity camps are intended to give the student concentrated training that cannot be accomplished during a one hour regular class. The camps are offered annually lasting one or two days. There is a winter and summer camp, as well as a discipline camp.  There are events which the students will talk about and never forget.


The main aspect and goal of Ko Am Mu Do  competitions is to build up confidence in the students and help them establish a fundamental goal. It challenges their physical and mental abilities and  is an important part of Ko Am Mu-Do training and education. Ko Am Mu-Do students will be able to experience and partake in domestic and international competitions as well as competitions held by the The World Ko Am Mu Do Federation.

Standard events include:

  1. Forms
  2. Breaking
  3. Weapons
  4. Free Sparring


Travel is part of Ko Am Mu-Do's "action-philosophy". Through traveling to countries of martial arts origins, Ko Am Mu-Do students learn to face challenges such as humanistic cooperation and survival while becoming enlightened to their customs and philosophical ways of life. Prospective countries include South Korea, Japan, China, and etc.



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