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Ko Am Mu Do Seminars and Curriculum

Teaching a more diverse curriculum will be essential for the survival of many schools!

Learn to teach what your students are hungry to learn!
  • Provide a more complete curriculum for your students and put an end boring classes
  • Exciting, effective and comprehensive curriculum from white belt all the way to 5th Dan Master
  • Effective ground fighting skills and advanced Hapkido techniques
  • Unsurpassed Self-Defense skills
  • Incredible weapons training
  • In depth philosophy and Ki development training
  • Start on a path to complete mind-body fitness
  • Spectacular Demonstration techniques
  • No more boring classes
No more Instructor, Black Belt or Student burn Out!
Are you tired of not having learned any new techniques since you earned your Black Belt? Are you burned out? Bring the spark back to your martial arts training!
  • No more Black Belt stagnation, training actually intensifies at Black Belt level
  • Take your martial arts skill to the next level
  • Learn the dynamite curriculum that keeps even your most restless students excited and progressing
  • Learn an extensive curriculum to teach even your most advanced students
  • Focus on developing real, effective self defense skills, personal development and physical fitness
The incredible Ko Am Mu Do curriculum offers the effective self defense techniques and personal development skills that you as a martial artist should demand!
  • Learn a multitude of weapons and skill from nun-chuks, short, medium and long stick, to sword
  • Learn the easiest and most effective way to teach weapons
  • Increase enrollment
  • Increase attendance and retention
  • Learn techniques that will inspire you and your students
  • Learn the curriculum that will raise your skills to the next level and will help keep you and your students fired up and coming to class

The Founding Grand Masters invite all Grand Masters, Masters and Instructors to attend, or host a Ko Am Mu Do Masters Seminar to experience Koammudo in action and see for yourself.  

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