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The Story: A Thought  >  A Goal  >  A Beginning

The Thought : "Something was missing…"
Many masters and grandmasters of Tae Kwon Do were unhappy. Their martial art was accepted by thousands and even millions of people, of all ages, all over the world. Competitors were plentiful coming from near and far. The art was thriving.

Many of the masters and grandmasters in Korea had their own schools that were divided into sports and competition Tae Kwon Do, and traditional martial art Tae Kwon Do. Masters of these schools were not being challenged as well as the students. This was because the traditional aspect was not being upheld.

However, in many cases, several problems were evident. The sports schools didn't include traditional philosophies, consider older and senior students, or emphasized health considerations. On the other hand, the rigid traditional schools were lacking in practical techniques and were not flexible in their ideas. Something was missing.

The Goal : "Develop a new Martial Art System"…
The grandmasters strongly agreed to develop a system whose philosophies would be based on the historical principles of the art. It would stress inner peace, mental and physical strength, and harmony with others. The new system had to encompass breathing techniques and discipline while respect was to be emphasized. It also had to have practical self-defense techniques that flowed and would work in modern retained and taught. This was a big order. Cooperation and open minds were essential. After several years, four grandmasters (Jin Chung, Jun Kim, N.G. Guak, and Yung Ho Jun) from Florida had done it!

For the first time historically in martial arts, a 37 video tape set encompassing white belt through 5th dan black belt curriculums was created. This system of traditional martial arts was recognized by the Kukkiwon (international headquarters of Tae Kwon Do) and asked for seminars to introduce it to the world of martial arts. The four founding grandmasters hosted Ko Am Mu-Do seminars throughout Korea with attendees in the thousands including world renowned grandmasters and instructors. Slowly but surely, the art of KAMD is spreading into the world of martial arts.

The Beginning : "The Journey Begins"
Can anyone benefit from martial arts like Ko Am Mu-Do? "Yes". Everyone can learn Ko Am Mu-Do. Regardless of age or sex, it's never too late to begin practice. Children, mature people and handicapped persons can learn. It will improve your physical condition! Ko Am Mu-Do is a non-violent system that consists of much more than kicking and punching fighting techniques. Physical strength is not required to overcome an opponent in Ko Am Mu-DO. The student uses the opponents' power against him, by following natural physical laws.

Our classes have students ranging from age 4 up to our "young" senior students. They can see the change in themselves and without comparing themselves to others.

Stretching and Breathing: With proper Dan Jun training (abdominal breathing) and exercise, Ko Am Mu-Do will improve your overall health and help you build a strong immune system. Traditional breathing techniques and meditation in motion are taught on a daily basis. We learn to direct Chi (energy) through the 14 channels in our bodies. Ko Am Mu-Do will also benefit the professional athlete (golfer, tennis player, and etc.) by improving agility, speed, balance, concentration and focus.

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To learn more about Koammudo and the Foundrs check out the TaeKwonDo Times Magazine Cover Stroy and Interview with the Founding Grandmasters.

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